Thejussruss vs RAZRmusic Promotion Review

First, getting your music heard can be a tough assignment for any independent musician. Artists with Record deals have departments who are in charge of marketing and promotion. However, if you’re like most artists without a record deal these things you must handle accordingly. Here at MusicianPR, we concentrate on assisting independent artists well after we provide a service to them. Nonetheless, In this article, we review other prime music promotion businesses who can also assist you in your music journey.

RAZRmusic Promotion Review

RAZRmusic was established in 2014 on the notion that musicians can successfully build a marketing strategy that works for them. They present imminent music artists and help them reach their goals.

Although prices might seem on the upside, you can rest assured these guys deliver more ”organic” results than most others.

thejussruss Promotion Review

Juss Russ is a very important company in the music marketing industry. They offer many packages at different price points which all work great depending on what you need. Besides running marketing campaigns, they also run a blog that embraces music news that encompasses today’s music industry.

Similar to musicianpr, they focus on organic promotion, however, the prices are much higher.

In conclusion, these are all excellent websites that are known to produce great results for most. Also, keep in mind that music promotion services do not fundamentally ensure that you are going to get instant success from their service. If you have a GREAT song, chances are you will have to wait until the wheels start rolling. Just be patient and trust the process!

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