Sc Superfans Vs Omari MC Music Promotion Review


Sc Superfans Vs Omari MC Music Promotion Review

First and foremost, getting the wheels rolling on any song can be a difficult task for an independent artist in 2019. Musicians with labels behind them have marketing divisions who assist them, however, for an indie artist, it’s quite different. Here at MusicianPR, we focus on helping independent artists reach listeners from all over the country. However, In this article, we review other top music promotion companies who can also help you reach your goals.


Omari MC Music Promotion Review
Here we review OmariMC. This is a service offered by an independent music producer ”Omari”. On Google, his music website is one of the top search results for ”music promotion” and we’ve actually worked by Omari in the past, ( 20+ times). He is an honest seller and I’m sure his services will reflect such a claim. Whether your music is on SoundCloud or YouTube these guys can do what they say or get someone good to do it. Their prices range from $50-$1500, definitely worth checking out.

Sc Superfans
Sc Superfans is a strictly SoundCloud based promotion service. Is SC Superfans safe? A number of companies put importance on purchasing plays, which are bad for your account and can even result in being banned. This service, however, does not seem to practice that strategy and is legit. They focus on all genres and have amassed a good number of positive reviews on different websites online.

Lastly, we recommend using different services to find which works best for you. 

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