Organic Music Promotion Sites To Look Out For In 2018


Best Music Promotion Sites

Music promotion sites can be confusing and expensive for many music artists searching for them online. In 2018, Having the right hip-hop campaign can increase your engagement as well as open up new doors or even land you a record deal. Many marketing teams found online offer great deals for music campaigns.

But how do you know which ones the best and most effective Music promotion campaigns for you?

Here in this article, we list our top marketing websites to use for your next project or single.

1. Fiverr
Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers offering web services. Here you can find a lot of music services for under 20$. Although the price might seem low it’s best to do some research beforehand due to some sellers using bots.

This website specializes in organic Soundcloud marketing at affordable rates. This site works best when releasing new material.

Musician PR is one of the most effective Music promotion sites. This website has many partnerships that can catapult your career organically, therefore, its one of our top picks

4. D tong sports
D tong sports is a seller on Fiverr who runs his own radio show and offer “radio promo” for $20. This seller is reliable but most importantly he has a great number of good reviews, def worth a look.

5. soundonfire
SoundOnFire is another seller on Fiverr who offers his work for $10 on the marketplace. Our review on this seller is fair for the price. Although this seller does not use organic methods and uses fake accounts for campaigns, we think its good. We suggest this gig alongside a real one for best results.

Our conclusion

Despite the fact many music promotion sites can be found online we suggest trying them out on your own. Try using different methods and see what works here for you.

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