10 Best Type Beat Producers To Watch Out For

Our Top 10 Best Type Beat Producers

When it comes to the best type beat producers, there’s certainly several that stand out amongst the crowd. In 2018 good production is fairly easy to come by thanks to websites like Youtube and Soundclick.

As an independent music artist, finding the best type beat producers should be the main priority when creating a song or project. 

Whenever ensuring a billboard-worthy hit, it all commences with the music producer and beat. Rappers are quickly realizing the importance of having good producers behind every song they record. Many great tracks have seen the top billboard charts thanks to a good instrumental. Having good instrumentals on your project can certainly be beneficial and is a key element to a good album. 

Here in this article, we’ve compiled our favorite top 10 best producer list (in no specific order).

Water Sport (2)

  1. CashMoneyAP
  2. Kid Ocean
  3. Young Forever
  4. the Beatplug
  5. MJNichols
  6. Penacho
  7. TheMartianz
  8. TheCratez
  9. 30HertzBeats
  10. MubzGotBeats

Other Websites 


YouTube is a great place to find tracks to rap over. Thousands of beatmakers have swamped the video platform with many instrumentals with a variety of sounds to choose from. A great number of hit songs were found on this website and it continues to be a top choice for many major artists online.


Type beat website BeatsPremier is a site consisting of many verified beatmakers with awesome production making it a top source for many rappers online. BeatsPremier


Don’t see your favorite beat maker?

Drop your picks in the comment section below and we will add them.

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