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How To Promote Your Music Online

Truth be told, there is no secret on how to promote your music online, you should simply start with a SoundCloud account and follow the easy steps outlined in this guide.

SoundCloud is probably the most popular and frequented music website in the world. Here you can find new music as well as engage with new fans, you can use SoundCloud to release new material as well as share on your social media accounts. 

Here in this article, we list the things you can do to really make your music stand out from the thousands of other upcoming musicians on the platform. 

Share Your Tracks.
The first thing you want to do when you release a new song is to share the song on social media, your personal website, other sites/blog posts in order to add some ” SEO Link Juice” to your song. Adding backlinks to your tracks can have a big impact if executed right, don’t pass this up.

Share Your Music Privately.
Just like sharing your music with everyone on SoundCloud, you can also share your tracks privately. Sharing tracks with your own private group can really help you get some great feedback and reviews before you publish your tracks publicly.

Engage With Your Fans.
As an entertainer in the music business, it’s your duty to attend and engage with your audience. Reaching back to fans is a great way to strengthen any fanbase in any business. Take that extra 5 minutes every day to respond to your new followers or comments and see how much more they’ll support your future releases.

Use Soundcloud Promotion.
While it’s true you can promote your music on Soundcloud for free, it’s always the best idea to gather a team and get some help. There’re tons of music promotion services online that can help you grow your fan base organically. Make sure to do some research before investing in a Soundcloud promotion. You can see our affordable services here

Reach Out To The Professionals.
In addition to the guidelines in today’s article, there are many other ways available to help you promote your songs. There’re hundreds of Soundcloud Promotion videos online that can help you get even further with your marketing, knowledge is power.

Make A Press Release.
Having a PR is the best approach to getting the word out about a product or in this case, music. Professional Music PR companies can outline the work for you and enhance the way you interact and connect with followers. Need help setting up a PR campaign? No problem! Click here.

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