Promote Your YouTube Videos Like a Champ (Video Promotion Guide)


Video Promotion Done Right

Promoting videos on YouTube and video promotion, in general, is a process many see as pointless due to the amount of videos on the site. Truth is, Youtube is the biggest video search engine in the world. Having your channel and videos optimized can really make a big impact on the way you promote your videos. Many people forget the importance of setting the right conditions for videos to flourish properly. In this article, we will discuss 3 simple things you can do to make sure your video gets apprehended by more people online.


1. Research Your Keywords

Millions of users on YT are not aware of the importance keywords reign over the site. Using the proper and most searched for tags in your videos is the most important part of uploading a video beyond the name of the title. Websites like keyword can help you determine the most profitable keywords for your niche. Get a list together and start uploading. Just like Google, Youtube’s results rely on keywords and other ranking factors like Backlinks, Social shares, and other important factors.




2. Share Your Videos, Like Crazy! 
share-icon-2When you first release a video make sure to spread it on as many relevant websites as you can. Backlinks can have a good effect if used correctly. Got a blog? Make sure to build dedicated pages for each video to get as much SEO juice as you can. (TIP) Get some friends to share your song to maximize the outcome of your campaign.






3. Get Some Help Promoting


Having thousands of fans is a process that can take months, even years to develop. Hiring a team that specializes in video promotion can make your life a lot less complex. MusicianPr offers a one of a kind video promo service that works great with YouTube uploads. Get more views, fans, and shares when you put your videos in the hands of professionals. Click here for more information on this service.

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